Our software comes in modules that provide a solution to every issue in each segment.

Our Services

PlaySafety software provides a wide variety of services and features to its users. All of them come in modules with user-friendly interface that makes the software easy to use and deploy via our cloud infrastructure.

Management System

Simple, easy-to-use mangement system gives you and your organization an overview over all your physical assets across all locations, accessible from any device at any time. It also provides you with information about latest inspections reports, hazardous details and overall risk level of every object. 

Maintenance module

Created to help your staff staying on top of all upcoming maintenance check-ups, that are due for every type of asset and equipment you own. In this way, your staff saves time and your organization saves money, because right maintenance increases value over useful life of the asset.

Education module

Every staff member of your organization needs to be certified to be able to legally carry out maintanence check-ups. No certificate ? Where to get it ? Don’t worry. Our EDU module helps you book the course with our partner, providing your staff with online or on site training and certification compliant with latest EU and National Safety Standards.

Finance module

If an issue or damage does arise on your asset and is visible in the inspection report, the FIN module is here to help you keep track on the asset’s value and repair budgets. 


PlaySafety is aimed to help your organization manage and keep on track with maintanence check-ups of your playground and outdoor equipment physical assets while staying compliant with National and EU Safety Standards 

No. PlaySafety is a simple, easy-to-deploy cloud web application that can be accessed from any device at any time.

Of course. PlaySafety software can be used to manage and maintain all physical equipment and asset types whose safety regulation falls under EU Safety Standards EN 1176-7:2017:2020

That is good. This means your organization does not need to use the EDU module at the moment.

Of course. PlaySafety is built to be accessed from any type of device. Phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer/workstation.

Very simple. Our equipment maintenance modul enables Your staff to use our platform to create reports after conducted inspection. The reports are automated and templates based on latest EU Safety Standards regulations. 

Our platform provides you with detailed saved reports for inspections you have conducted on equipment you own. These can serve as valid proof that you have complied and maintained your equipment according to the latest EU Safety Norms and regulations. In addition to that it demonstrates your commitment as asset owner and high level of social responsibility.

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